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Stainless Steel: Solution for modern technology​

Stainless Steel: Solution for modern technology​

Stainless steel’s strength, resistance to corrosion and low maintenance make it the ideal

material for a wide range of applications. It also has a long life cycle and is 100% recyclable.

There are over 150 grades of stainless steel, of which 15 are commonly used in everyday

applications. Stainless steel is made in various forms including plates, bars, sheets and tubing

for use in industrial and domestic settings.


Architecture and construction

Stainless steel first came to prominence in construction during the art-deco period. Famously,

the upper portion of the Chrysler Building was constructed from stainless steel.

Due to its strength, flexibility and resistance to corrosion, it is used in the exterior cladding for

large high impact buildings and can be seen in the interiors too in the form of handrails, counter

tops, backsplashes and more. Stainless steel is easily welded, has an attractive finish and is low



Automotive and transportation

Stainless steel was first used in the automotive industry in the 1930s by the Ford Motor

Company to make various concept cars. It is traditionally used in car exhaust systems, trim and

grills, but new emission reduction standards and environmental concerns are driving

manufacturers to favor stainless steel in structural components too.

Stainless steel is also used in ship containers, road tankers and refuse vehicles. It is excellent

for the transportation of chemicals, liquids and food products. Its high strength allows for

thinner containers, saving fuel costs, while its corrosion resistance reduces cleaning and

maintenance costs.



Stainless steel is ideal for hygienic environments as it’s easily sterilized and resistant to

corrosion. It is used in the construction of surgical and dental instruments, kidney dishes and

operating tables, as well as other medical equipment such as cannulas, steam sterilizers and

MRI scanners.


Stainless steel are used in replacement joints such as artificial hips, pins and plates to fix broken

bones in place.


Energy and heavy industries

The chemical, oil and gas industries operate in demanding environments involving high heat

and highly toxic substances. Special grades of stainless steel have been developed for use in

these industries which feature enhanced resistance to corrosion over a wider range of

temperatures. High-grade stainless steel is vital in the construction of storage tanks, valves,

pipes, and other components.


Stainless steel is essential for off-shore oil rigs. Crude oil is extremely corrosive and modern rigs

are constructed from high alloyed steel which is tough and lightweight.


Renewable energy technologies including solar, geothermal, hydro and wind power also use

stainless steel components as it is able to withstand the rigors of highly corrosive sea water



Food and catering

Stainless steel is used in the kitchen accessories, cutlery and cookware. Less ductile grades of

steel are used to make knife blades with sharp edges. More ductile grades of steel are used for

items that have to be molded into shape such as cookers, grills, sinks and saucepans. Stainless

steel is also used as a finish for refrigerators, freezers, countertops and dishwashers.



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